Friday, December 19, 2014

Work At Home

Hi everyone! Over the past few weeks I have been researching and applying for legitimate work at home jobs. With these jobs you can make $13-$18 an hour. You act as an independent contractor and need a land line and high-speed internet. You make your own hours except for the training portion. So far I'll be working to at two agencies: LiveOps and Plieo. I have applied to others but these worked best for me and what I feel most comfortable with.  

Pleio GoodStart® is a practical adherence support system that helps patients improve their medication routine. Esstentially you will be making cold calls and reading from a script (somewhat). They require some medical and customer service experience. Each call made needs to last 5 minutes and you will earn 3 to 4 bucks a call. This company does have opportunities for advancement and you will continually be learning new information for a variety of contracts. Anytime you have the chance to learn about a new contract and take the class do so, that way you have the opportunity to extend your 12 week mark. 


Basically liveops is a virtual call center that host a variety of contracts. Your customers see a product they would love to buy off TV, in a magazine, or a shopping network. You will guide them through the process and offer additional services for a great cost. Customer service is vital for this company. You will feel comfortable once you understand your customers needs. You will get .20 to .25 per call. That comes to $13-$15 an hour. The most agents have made with this company averages to 1,500-2000 a month. 

Another interesting company to work for is Lionbridge they are an ad accessor company. You would make 13.50 an hour. They would like you to work at little as 10 hours and a much a 20 hours per week. 

The last one I would like to mention is Virtual Bee, you have to pass their typing assessment and mark in the 100th percentile. It's a data entry position and you get paid for every piece you do. 

If your interested in other job opportunities checkout the website, she will also let you know who has legitimate work and who does not pay. The only downside of being an independent contractor would be paying for your own background check, also you get taxed at 33% and have to do your own taxes.  I will keep you updated on my experience with this company. I should start taking calls after the new year due to the holidays and such.

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