Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Changes, Transitions, and Goals

Hey there! I know it's been forever since I've posted but Matthew and I have been incredibly busy. Currently I'm working away for a pharmaceutical company and trying to take better care of myself. As for Matthew he moved onto a new company that offered a higher position with better pay and became an official ordained minister. Essentially we are preparing our mind, body, and spirits for the upcoming changes over the next year or two. 

One area that I'm primarily focusing on is trying to conceive (TTC). As some of your know I do suffer from poly-cystic ovarian syndrome so that makes ttc a bit problematic. Although hopefully  by sticking to a slow and steady weight loss program that will help lead to pregnancy along the way. My husband and I are also trying make sure our home is financially sound. Anytime we have a lot of changes or  transitions coming our way we typically write down a list of goals to help keep us focused.  Sometimes they can change or adapt depending on how God moves in our spirits but for the most part we try and stay on task. Unfortunately Matthew and I have so much we want to do and accomplish we get distracted from time to time so again we are back to the list: 

1. Matthew is working on getting back to his masters in divinity. 
2. Joining the Army Chaplain Corps. 
3. Moving up in the company he is working for. 
4. Start running again.

1. I'm trying to lose 20% of my current body weight. 
2. Workout at least 3 to 4 days a week
3.  work work work save save save  (i know..but really)
4. Figure out how I want to finish my bachelors program  (Lots of prayer there)

Together our main goals are to save money, stay grounded in God's Word, and continually work on our communication skills. I feel a lot of times Matthew and I are saying the same thing just in a different ways, so typically we get wires crossed in translation.  Any who thank you for reading my blog I can't promise what I'll be posting and when due to the hustle and bustle of life but hopefully you will be seeing me more. 

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