Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Favorite Things

Nyx Pore Filler- I originally found this product by researching inexpensive duplicates online. I wanted something to smoothe inconsistencies in my skin yet not feel excessively heavy. The only issue I have is the packaging size, if I’m wearing makeup 5 days a week the product will run out quickly. On the other hand it’s one of my all time favorite makeup products coming in around $11 bucks.
Benedict Cumberbatch- Probably one of my all time favorite actors will be providing a riveting performance of Dr. Strange in 2016. I can already imagine his grandiose voice bounding through the pages of my favorite Dr.Strange comic books.

Amythyst: I love organic style jewelry especially anything dealing with geology.I love how this piece needs no assistance to show off its luster and natural beauty.

Church: On November 15th I’ll be walking down the aisle and saying “I do” I prayed night and day for a location we could afford, that was beautiful, organically raw, and great architecture. Here at this beautiful episcopal church I’ll tie the knot!

Bob’s Burgers- I found this family animated sitcom on Netflix and after one rainy day I found myself having watched two full seasons. Unfortunately it was during finals but I digress. The series centers around a family of five who own a hamburger shop on Ocean Avenue where the kids help take part in the business. I love the banter between siblings and watching Tina awkwardly find her sense of identity throughout the teenage years.

I aspire:  to help others and be there for people in need. Something my fiance’ and I are trying to establish, is every year around our birthdays, holidays, or bi-monthly is committing to a community service project.

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